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Speaking Engagements

Singapore Fintech Festival 2017                       

I was a panelist for a discussion on the suitability of global regulation in policing new technology while encouraging innovation and adoption. 

AsiaPac Property Leaders Summit 2017 - Singapore              

I spoke about general trends in fintech as well as the potential applications of blockchain in the real estate industry.

FX Week Asia 2016 - Singapore

My presentation dealt with the potential applications of blockchain in capital markets, with a particular focus on fx trading.

Trade Tech Asia 2016 - Singapore

I moderated a panel discussion on how fintech can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs and make financial products available to the general public. In addition, I participated in an Oxford style debate where I argued that fintech posed a threat to the asset management world.

4th Annual Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit - Singapore

My presentation dealt with the impact of fintech and blockchain on capital markets, notably:
1- The evolution of fintech throughout the history of banking; 
2- A brief explanation of blockchain technology; 
3- Smart contracts and their potential in the context of clearing and settling trades; 
4- The advent of robo-advisors;
5- Regtech and the use of technologies such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence to facilitate regulatory reporting obligations for financial institutions; and
6- A comparison of the responses of governments to these emerging technologies.

Finnovasia 2016 - Hong Kong

I was a member of the first panel discussion in Asia on regulatory technologies entitled "How Innovation in RegTech Will Save Billions on Compliance Costs". I discussed inherent benefits, how the technology differs from previous iterations and potential applications for regulators.

Euromoney Capital Markets Blockchain 2016 Conference - Hong Kong

I was a member of a panel that discussed fintech and blockchains applications in financial services, along with potential associated risks.

Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Annual Conferences - 2016 and 2017

I was a participant on panels discussing how best to engage the next generation of banking customers with fintech and how regtech helps financial institutions.

Speaker in a video series on fintech produced by the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts

I addressed the following topics in a video discussing fintech developments:
- The impact of fintech on the compliance and regulatory aspects of the financial services industry; 
- Whether fintech is a positive change that is facilitating compliance or making it more difficult; 
- If the current regulatory landscape is adequate to foster innovation in financial services; and
- The impact of fintech on compliance and regulatory professionals.

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